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What is Phlegm Hack?

Phlegm Hack is a small HackMaster extension program for the Palm Computing Platform. It allows you to quickly switch from your current application to the previous one by simply swiping your pen from the silkscreen "Apps" button into the upper-left graffiti area. In addition, a swipe from the "Menu" button to the "Apps" button will pop up a list of you most recently used applications for you to jump to. Users of SwitchHack will find PhlegmHack very similar. Other features of PhlegmHack include:

  • You can chose which applications will be ignored by PhlegmHack from the preferences screen in HackMaster.
  • You can clear the cache of applications stored by PhlegmHack from the preferences screen.
  • Small icons give you a visual cue in the most-recently-used list.

Phlegm Hack is free to use, and licensed under the GNU General Public License. It requires HackMaster to run, which is not free and should be registered for $5 from Daggerware. You can get HackMaster and register it from the Daggerware Site. It is assumed that you are familiar with using HackMaster extensions, so please read the HackMaster documentation before installing Phlegm Hack. In particular, you should always disable hacks before uninstalling or upgrading them.

Gratuitous Screenshot

If you use FlashPro or similar application to move applications to and from flash memory, you should clear the PhlegmHack cache from the PhlegmHack prferences screen. Trying to follow a moved application from within PhlegmHack will cause you to soft-reset your Palm.


Warning!! Danger Will Robinson!
If you use a 3rd-party launcher like LauncherIII or Handscape, you should set PhlegmHack to ignore your launcher before you activate PhlegmHack. Otherwise, PhlegmHack will think it is just another program and attempt to start it (again).

phlegm.prc - Just the PRC file, for people in a hurry. - Contains the PRC file plus this web page.

phlegm-src-1.0.tar.gz - Everything including the source code.

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